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    List updated November 27, 2012
    ▼  2012 (25) 

    ▼  November (3)
    2012 TX All-State Etude Practice Hints
    MyFlutorials is here!
    Honeycomb Arms

    ▼  September (1)
    Fall Focus 

    ▼  August (1)
    Keith Underwood Masterclass 8.11.2012, Part 1: Pai... 

    ▼  July (1)
     The Alexander Technique and Marching Band

    ▼  May (3)
    Flutorial: Just Add Lips! Singing while playing to...
    Duke Voice Care Center "Care of the Singing Voice...
    Flutorial: Vibrato Help

    ▼  April (3)
    "Singing Outie-Innie" Exercise (Video)
    "Sunrise" Exercise (Video)
    Wider is better...

    ▼ March (4)
    Notes from Wissam Boustany Masterclasses
    Flutorials™: "Balloon" Flute (Video)
    The Pez Dispenser vs. The Nutcracker
    Beginner Studies Sheet Demo (Video)

    ▼ February (4)
    Fluteachniques™: "Up for the Count": New Use for Your Instrument Peg (Video)
    Chromatic Exercise: 2 Octave F Chromatic Scale (Video)
    "How" you are doing...
    Double Tonguing: It All "Hinges" on This

    ▼ January (5)
    Fluteachniques™: Harmonics + 2 Note Slur tone Study (Video)
    Flutorials™: "Wavy" Finger Breath (Video)
    Flutorials™: Double Tonguing Help (Video)
    Websites and Apps for Improving Sight Reading
    Catherine's Steps to Better Sight Reading

    ▼ 2011 (9)

    ▼ December (1)
    Curtains Up!

    ▼ November (3)
    Above the Equator
    My notes on Keith Underwood Masterclass 10.21.11
    Lower lip flexibility: "Airplanes" exercise
    ▼ October (2)
    Facial Muscles Interactive Website Link
    My notes from Keith Underwood masterclass 9.9.2011...
    ▼ September (2)
    Notes from Keith Underwood’s Ghost Ranch Mastercla...
    Modified Rockstro Position
    ▼ June (1)
    LeGrand Virtual Studio Studio Video Viewer

    ▼ 2010 ‪(17)‬
    ▼ July ‪(2)‬
    Password Protected Video Album
    LeGrand Teaching Videos in Flash Play
    ▼ June ‪(5)‬
    Thoughts on Robert Verrill's Tongue Controlled Emb...
    Fantastic Toungue Controlled Embouchure and Buzzin...
    Better yet: "tse, tse"
    Old "Que-Que" Clock: Tongue postion during playing...
    Grupetto at every turn
    ▼ May ‪(2)‬
    Wise lines from As It Is In Heaven
    The Film : As It Is In Heaven
    ▼ March ‪(1)‬
    Suggested Reading
    ▼ February ‪(3)‬
    The tongue muscle
    Buzzing and Balanced Embouchure
    The best "slant" on flute embouchure
    ▼ January ‪(4)‬
    Online flute/piccolo fingering charts
    More support for slow practice
    "...speed is one of those things you have to give ...
    Make improvement fun in the New Year!▼ 2009 (14)
    ▼ 2009 ‪(14)‬
    ▼ July ‪(2)‬
    Historic Flute Recordings/Philippe Gaubert
    1st Axiom of Flute Playing
    ▼ May ‪(3)‬
    Rondo Sandwich, anyone?
    Documentary piece on Clara Rockmore, Theremin virt...
    How is flute playing like dry cleaning?
    ▼ April ‪(1)‬
    Online tuners
    ▼ February ‪(4)‬
    Baker and Rampal together
    More Marcel Moyse on YouTube
    Workshop February 7, 2009: Moyse's Tone Developmen...
    Historic Flute Recordings/George Barrere
    ▼ January ‪(4)‬
    Marcel Moyse performing Huë Fantasie!
    Moyse in the Paris Symphony Orchestra
    Rabbit with side breath combo, please...
    "Glissando Buzzing"

    ▼ 2008 ‪(46)‬
    ▼ December ‪(1)‬
    Stough Method of Breathing Coordination
    ▼ November ‪(7)‬
    A "qui" to better tone and articulation
    Exploring the "Twirlability" of the Flute
    Exploring Flute Tone Colors and Dynamics: "Forward...
    TubeSock ROCKS!
    Helen Plays Flute Again!
    Sousa Instrumental Parts Online
    Sheet Music played in "Chopstick Duo' Video
    ▼ October ‪(3)‬
    Happy Halloween 2008!
    More from Pavorotti
    An Alexander Technique Tip from watching Pavorotti...
    ▼ September ‪(1)‬
    Chopstick: Take 2
    ▼ August ‪(7)‬
    Susan Maclagan's Notes on Greg Patillo's Bearboxin...
    Daphnis and Chloe Beatbox
    Beatboxing flute loops LIBERTANGO
    Flutistic Advantages of Beatboxing
    More wisdom from the “kitchen table"
    Catherine at NFA Convention
    ▼ July ‪(4)‬
    "The Primary Colors of Flute Playing"
    The Moldau
    How to Have "Just Ducky" Tonguing
    The latest from Keith at the Cape
    ▼ June ‪(3)‬
    Building Blocks: Right Thumb Position
    Chopstick and Tonguing
    Let your toes give you a helping hand...
    ▼ May ‪(8)‬
    Celebrate Your Articulation!
    Update on "Uplifting" Embouchure Practice Techniqu...
    "Uplifting" Embouchure Practice Technique
    "Noodling around": using pool noodles to increase ...
    Amy Porter performs Georges Hue Fantasie
    "Whistle" Tones and William Kincaid
    "Uplifting" Thoughts
    Skull/Jaw "Mapping" and Lifted Embouchure
    ▼ March ‪(1)‬
    "Stressed for Success: Make stage fright and audi...
    ▼ February ‪(5)‬
    The King's Singers at 2008 TMEA Convention
    Sir James Galway at the Texas Music Educators Asso...
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Using the Breath Builder to Improve Vibrato
    A Great Flute Embouchure (according to Keith Under...
    ▼ January ‪(6)‬
    Tips for Chopstick Users
    “De la bourdonnement” (buzzing)
    Video Demonstration of Chromatic Exercise
    Chromatic Exercise
    Flute Duo Chopstick Exercise
    Catherine's New Year's Buzzing Challenge▼ 2008 (38)

    ▼ 2007 ‪(69)‬
    ▼ December ‪(7)‬
    Practice Guides: 2007 Texas All-Area Auditions
    Practice Hints for Honegger's Danse de la Chèvre
    Jerome Callet Master Superchops DVD
    Aralee Dorough, Principal Flutist of the Houston S...
    The Bow Tie Effect
    History of Vibrato in Flute Playing
    Flute Repertoire Errata
    ▼ November ‪(2)‬
    "Chopsticks", "Buzzing," and improved finger dexte...
    Keith Underwood Ghost Ranch Interview Video List
    ▼ October ‪(4)‬
    Buzzing Hints
    The Right Brain vs Left Brain | The Daily Telegrap...
    Buzzing and Balance
    Facial Muscle Quiz
    ▼ September ‪(8)‬
    "Airplanes" and "Chopsticks"
    Galway Technique--Hand Position
    About Flutorials™
    Upper Lip: "Suppressed Smile"
    Picking up Speed
    Breathing Coordination Website: Carl Stough
    LeGrand Virtual Studio Group Subscriptions!
    New videos in the LeGrand Virtual Studio
    ▼ August ‪(2)‬
    Catherine interviews Keith Underwood
    Where in the World is Catherine LeGrand?
    ▼ July ‪(10)‬
    New video series: Flutorials™
    Feeling "Over-exposed?": Piccolo Fingering Charts
    Flute Embouchure: A Rather “Square” Subject
    Alexander Technique with Glenna Batson
    Moyse Tone Development Through Interpretation Reco...
    "How teachers can help - Performance Anxiety" from...
    Transcription for Orchestra of One (Vocalist)
    Body Mapping as Preventive Treatment
    Summer Jammin': Adventures in Improvisation
    The Alexander Technique: Use In A Marching Band Se...
    ▼ June ‪(14)‬
    Muscles That Act On Shoulders, Arms, Wrists and Fi...
    "Spit-buzzing" with Jerome Callet and Csaba Keleme...
    Keith Underwood and Jerome Callet Video
    Helen Spielman Performance Anxiety Workshops
    More on Overcoming Stage Fright: Jennifer Cluff's ...
    Reposting of "Catherine's Musings" Blog entries he...
    My New Website
    Flutist Robot #2 - ROBORAMA.info
    Flutist Robot - ROBORAMA.info
    How to Assemble Your Flute (to avoid repairs)
    Roger S. Stevens: Artistic Flute Technique and Stu...
    Larry Krantz Flute Pages: Little Finger Exercises
    What is the Feldenkrais Method®?
    Keith Underwood Master Class Videos
    ▼ May ‪(10)‬
    DataFace Website
    Mentalis Muscle of the Face
    Alexander Studio London
    Voice , Whispered Ah, and the Alexander Technique
    More from Keith Underwood Class
    Barnstable Buzzing with Keith Underwood
    Arms Rest
    Life on the Drawing Board
    How It's Made - Flute
    ▼ April ‪(9)‬
    Alexander Studio London
    Hermeto Pascoal - Música da Lagoa
    Non-Pirated Free Sheet Music Download Sites: Play ...
    Keith Underwood's favorite weekly video
    Patricia George's "Flute Spa"
    William Kincaid, Principal Flutist of the Philadel...
    Upper Lip Images: "Trunk and Snout"
    Scale Exam Cheat Sheets
    Flute Alignment or How To "DeClaw" Flutists
    ▼ March ‪(3)‬
    On "Stage Fright"
    "Behold the turtle. He only makes progress when he...
    Navigating minor scales

    LeGrand Virtual Studio Downloadable Files (members only)

    Video lessons (WMV and Quick Time versions)
    Breath Builder Demo
    Rebreathing Bag Demo
    “Hit inhale” Exercise
    “Finger Breath” Exercise
    “Lip Line and “Lippies”
    Lower Lip Position: Panpipes
    “Rabbit Face” Exercise
    “Lizard Face” Exercise
    “Tongue Sandwich” Exercise
    "Airplanes" Exercise
    “Miss America” Exercise
    "Chopstick Exercise": Intro
    Tips for Chopstick Users
    “De la bourdonnement” (buzzing)
    Seated Position for Rehearsal/Practice
    “Unevens and Double Unevens”
    “Fingers Ahead” Exercise
    Catherine’s Chromatic Exercise

    Video Flutorials™:
    “From the Start” : Step-by-step videos for beginning flutists
    Episode 1: Two Common Misconceptions about Flute-Playing
    Headjoint: First Sounds
    Adding the Tongue: “Hit” or “Hid” Inhale Exercise
    Physical Orientation to the Flute
    Part 1: Balancing and Assembling the Flute
    Physical Orientation to the Flute
    Part 2: Bringing the Flute to You and Playing “B”
    Adding “A” and “G”
    Party Favors 201: Embouchure

    Progressive Video Lessons for Novice Flutists
    Lesson 1: "Hot Cross Buns"
    Lesson 2 "Hot Cross Buns": Version 2, Starting on A
    Lesson 3 "Mary Had a Little Lamb"
    Lesson 4 "Mary had a Little Lamb": Traditional Rhythms

    Advanced Video Lessons
    Practice "Bytes"
    #1 Joachim Andersen, Op. 21 #10
    #2 Theobald Boehm, Op. 26, #6
    #3 Sigfrid Karg-Elert, Op. 107, #17
    #4 Honegger’s Dance de la Chèvre

    Wisdom from other teachers

    Keith Underwood Master Class,
    Barnstable MA May 20th, 2007
    Part 1:
    Catherine improves her buzzing (Windows Media)
    Catherine improves her buzzing (QuickTime)
    Part 2:
    Catherine improves her buzzing (Windows Media)
    Catherine improves her buzzing (QuickTime)
    Added bonus: Keith does beatbox

    Alexander Technique Class
    with Glenna Batson June 30th, 2007

    ABC’s of Wind Playing

    Breath Builder
    Rebreathing Bag
    Flute/Piccolo Tuning Guide
    Chromatic Exercises
    Full Range Major Scales for Flute
    Minor Scale Cheat Sheet
    Minor Scale Half-Step Map
    7th Chords
    Notes on Flute Performance by William Kincaid
    J.S. Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 Complete Score
    J.S. Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 Flute Part/Movement 3

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