Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Inspiring Film: As It Is In Heaven


I have just seen the most inspiring film: Kay Pollak's 2004 Swedish film, As it is in Heaven

All musicians who ever felt passion for their art (or for that matter, anyone who ever cared passionately about anything) will certainly draw inspiration from this film.

I don't want to give the excellent plot away, but the subject of the film involves a maestro, a church choir, and finding ultimate meaning in music--music that opens hearts.

There is a beautiful song sung by Gabriella, one of the characters in the choir.
Here are the lyrics:

It is now that my life is mine
I’ve gotten this time on earth
And my longing has led me here
What I lacked and what I gained

It is this road that I chose
My trust far beyond words
It has shown me a little bit
Of the heaven I never found

I want to feel that I’m alive
all the time that I have
I will live like I want to
I want to feel that I’m alive
and know that I was enough

I have never forgotten who I was
I have just let it sleep
Maybe I had no choice
Just the will to live

I want to live happily
for me being me
To be strong and free
Watch the night as it turns to day

I am here and my life is only mine
and the heaven i thought was there
will I find it somewhere?
I want to feel that I have lived my life!