Friday, April 11, 2008

Le Tombeau de Roland: "Per aspera ad astra"

Dear friends,

The family of Roland Lietzenmayer has asked me to share the following statements together with his official death announcement with Galway Flute Chat members, Roland's YouTube viewers, and his other internet friends.

From Ina (Roland’s sister):
“Would you please do me a favour and just tell them in the name of the family how touched we are and how much they help us in our sadness.

When people do get together in their spirits it is like the most beautiful piece of music, the most beautiful painting in the world because in these moments GOD is present in all of us.

And this will help us to overcome our sorrows and pains because we are all part of the whole; then we don´t have to be afraid of death because it doesn´t exist any longer; it is only another dimension...

My brother… had a lot of friends in the whole world and this fact makes me so extremely happy.

I would ask all members of the GFC who would like to do this, to light candles for Roland and to play with their flute a piece of music in his remembrance.”

I was honored that Roland’s family asked me to help select music for the service. In addition to a solo flute performance by GFC member Stefan Heymann, the family had a local flute quartet perform.

I commissioned Galway Flute Chat member Rick Arnest to compose a piece for flute quartet to be performed at Roland’s funeral: Le Tombeau de Roland- "Per aspera ad astra." This work is licensed under the Creative Commons and will be available for download at my website soon. I’ll make another announcement when it is posted.

I have posted Roland’s official death announcement for all of you, at the family’s request.I invite you to light a candle and play a piece of music in Roland's memory.

Sincere best wishes to all,