Friday, May 25, 2007

Barnstable Buzzing with Keith Underwood

May 19, 2007

West Parish Church in Barnstable, MA

I got the feel of it at last! The approving look of Keith Underwood!

Wonderful buzzing classes with Keith on Cape Cod May 18-20.
Video excepts of my classes are posted in the LeGrand Virtual Studio.

More soon.


Sunday, May 6, 2007

"Life on the drawing board"

When I wake each morning, I pretend I know nothing.

The world is waiting to be discovered...again and again...

More about the day I took this photo.

The academic year is winding down and I am looking forward to having time to reinvent my playing, once again.

To assume I know everything is to automatically limit myself, and exploration is a precursor to discovery.

Those of you know me personally, know that I have an enormous repertoire of ways to work on things--to work on that difficult passage or to view a problem—and that I find great joy in new insights and discoveries.

As I allow myself to try a new way of doing something or to immerse myself in a new context or challenge, whether it be cultural (travel to an exotic place), work-related (music festival or new performance venue or repertoire) or home surroundings (even rearranging the furniture), I learn new things about myself; what motivates me and what fulfills me, and how I can best inspire others to discover their best selves, both as individuals and as artists.

I invite you to try out some new ideas this summer, whether in your music-making, or in your life. Check out the Library portion of my website for some inspiring resources, and visit the Playground for fun, creative play to encourage connecting your thoughts in new ways.

Life (as is art) is a process.

Happy exploration! I welcome hearing about your discoveries.