Friday, November 21, 2008

Helen Plays Flute Again!

Dear readers,

I am sure that those of you who knew Roland Lietzenmayer will be delighted (as am I) to know that Roland's daughter Helen (the delightful younger flutist in the YouTube Chopstick Duo video)is playing flute again.

Helen's Mother sent me these photos taken last weekend to share with you.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sheet Music played in "Chopstick Duo' Video


Several readers asked what piece is played by Roland and Helen in this video.

Brigitte, Roland's widow, supplied the following info:
Hören, lesen & spielen
1 Duo - buch
Verlag de Haske
Nr.11 Die Parade von Jacob de Haan
They purchased the book through Amazon.de

Also, Helen is playing flute again!


Friday, October 31, 2008

POV Theremin

A look from the other side:


Spooky Music for Halloween

Happy Halloween!

In the spirit of the day, I invite you to play a virtual theremin.

Rob Wright's internet experiment: CLARA, is a playable internet instrument based upon the theremin. Use the mouse to test the instrument - control the on-screen hands, (left hand controls volume, right hand controls pitch). The hand movement can be recorded and replayed. The instrument has a 3 octave range.

This is one of many fun and interesting links found in the Playground at my website.

If you want to see a real theremin played by a real theremin virtuoso, Pamelia Kurstin, check out this YouTube video:


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Star Wars and the Alexander Technique


I serendipitously found this brilliant video when searching for another.

It might be of particular interest to those involved with The Alexander Technique, but the quotes are very interesting when considered from a variety of contexts.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

John McLaughlin - lotus on irish stream


No, there is no flutist in this video, but this beautiful performance video from the 1970's, exemplifies masterful listening, amazing instrumental facility, and sensitive ensemble playing from all the musicians.

John McLaughlin is one of my favorite artists of all time.

Hope this makes your day!


Friday, August 8, 2008

Greetings from Kansas City!

Greetings from Kansas City!

The 2008 National Flute Association is already half over.

I have attended many presentations and concerts and thank my fellow NFA members for sharing their talents and ideas. Lot of new ideas and fresh repertoire to try at home…

I have also been enjoying visits and discussions with old and new friends.

If I haven’t seen you already, I hope to see and meet each of you while I am here.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Flute Choir BWV 142

Dear all,

I hope you enjoy this terrific flute playing and awesome use of technology!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Return of "Flute Duo Chopstick Exercise" Video

Many thanks to Roland's family for posting this video again!

Several readers asked what piece is played in the video. Brigitte, Roland's widow, supplied the following info:
Hören, lesen & spielen
1 Duo - buch
Verlag de Haske
Nr.11 Die Parade von Jacob de Haan
They purchased the book through Amazon.de


Saturday, May 10, 2008

In memory of Roland Lietzenmayer

Dear friends,

I have posted the final score of Le Tombeau de Roland: ‘Per aspera ad astra’. I commissioned this flute quartet, composed by Galway Flute Chat member Rick Arnest, in memory of Roland Lietzenmayer and in honor of his enthusiasm for flute playing. This work is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0, so it may be freely distributed and performed. Thank you Rick! The work was first performed at Roland’s funeral in Albstadt-Ebingen by a local flute quartet. Many thanks to the flutists who prepared and performed this work.

I am walking in NAMIWalk 2008 in honor of Roland who was my online flute student. He gave up in his struggle with bipolar disorder on March 28, 2008. I hope to raise money for educational, support, and advocacy services for families of mentally ill persons through my efforts.

NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the U.S.’s largest grassroots organization for people with mental illness and their families. Founded in 1979, NAMI has affiliates in every state and in more than 1,100 local communities across the country. NAMI is dedicated to the eradication of mental illnesses and to the improvement of the quality of life for persons of all ages who are affected by mental illnesses. NAMI members and friends work to fulfill our mission by providing support, education, and advocacy.

The goals of the NAMIWalks program are: to fight the stigma that surrounds mental illness, to build awareness of the fact that the mental health system in this country needs to be improved and to raise funds for NAMI so that they can continue their mission.

NAMI is a 501(c)3 charity and any donation you make to support my participation in this event is tax deductible for U.S. taxpayers.

NAMI has been rated by Worth magazine as among the top 100 charities "most likely to save the world" and has been given an "A+" rating by The American Institute of Philanthropy for efficient and effective use of charitable dollars. NAMI has also been given 4 out of 4 stars by The Charity Navigator for short-term spending practices and long-term sustainability.

To join me in this walk or to support my local walk team, the Bull City Strutters, click here. Click on my name if you wish to donate, or visit my personal fundraising page.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Catherine LeGrand

Friday, April 11, 2008

Le Tombeau de Roland: "Per aspera ad astra"

Dear friends,

The family of Roland Lietzenmayer has asked me to share the following statements together with his official death announcement with Galway Flute Chat members, Roland's YouTube viewers, and his other internet friends.

From Ina (Roland’s sister):
“Would you please do me a favour and just tell them in the name of the family how touched we are and how much they help us in our sadness.

When people do get together in their spirits it is like the most beautiful piece of music, the most beautiful painting in the world because in these moments GOD is present in all of us.

And this will help us to overcome our sorrows and pains because we are all part of the whole; then we don´t have to be afraid of death because it doesn´t exist any longer; it is only another dimension...

My brother… had a lot of friends in the whole world and this fact makes me so extremely happy.

I would ask all members of the GFC who would like to do this, to light candles for Roland and to play with their flute a piece of music in his remembrance.”

I was honored that Roland’s family asked me to help select music for the service. In addition to a solo flute performance by GFC member Stefan Heymann, the family had a local flute quartet perform.

I commissioned Galway Flute Chat member Rick Arnest to compose a piece for flute quartet to be performed at Roland’s funeral: Le Tombeau de Roland- "Per aspera ad astra." This work is licensed under the Creative Commons and will be available for download at my website soon. I’ll make another announcement when it is posted.

I have posted Roland’s official death announcement for all of you, at the family’s request.I invite you to light a candle and play a piece of music in Roland's memory.

Sincere best wishes to all,

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sir James Galway at the Texas Music Educators Association Convention

I had the pleasure of meeting Sir James Galway after an "informal conversation session" at the Texas Music Educators Association Convention yesterday.

He delighted the many attendees with his witty responses, personal stories, and opinions and advice in response to questions on flutes, recording, warm-up routines, and flute pedagogy.

Here are a few of the things I learned:

• Sir James uses top-of-the-line Neumann microphones for all of his audio and video recording.
• In response to a question of maintaining physical flexibility, Sir James proudly announced his age, 68, and suggested shoulder stretches for range of motion, forearm and hand self-massage, and, when nothing else works… just keep playing and enjoy the music!
• He practices studies regularly from the Moyse’s De la Sonorité and advocates practicing scales and patterns always with the best tone and musical expression and style. He pointed out an obvious, but seldom considered, fact: if you practice scales and patterns in a boring, unmusical, way, not only is practicing boring, but you are actually practicing to play boring and unmusical music (music is largely created from these patterns)!
• He also advocates practice of the Boehm Caprices and Andersen Etudes, in particular, to develop a fluid technique and legato while maintaining tone and musical expression.

I encourage you to join to Sir James online forum, Galway Flute Chat (Yahoo group) and to watch the videos posted at http://www.thegalwaynetwork.com/ for access to Sir James’ teaching and thoughts.

Many thanks to Sir James for reminding us that joy and expression give meaning to music-making--and to life!

I also attended the fine Valentine’s Day evening concert performance by Sir James and Lady Jeanne Galway with the San Antonio Symphony. They performed the Cimarosa Concerto in G Major for 2 Flutes and a lively encore, an arrangement of “Rondo Alla Turca” from the Mozart Piano Sonata, K. 331. They clearly had great fun together on stage!

After intermission, Sir James performed “The Pied Piper Fantasy” by John Corigliano, attired in festive costume and joined by dozens of local young flutists performing with Sir James while parading on stage and following him out of the theater. Quite a spectacle!

Sir James’ final encore, Badinerie from the J.S. Bach Suite in B Minor, BWV 1067, brilliantly played, was a rousing ending to an evening celebrating the love of music-making and flute-playing—perfect for Valentine’s Day.

I will post more notes from other clinics and events I attended at the TMEA Convention later this week in the LeGrand Virtual Studio.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Greetings from the Texas Music Educators Convention in San Antonio, Texas!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Flute Duo Chopstick Exercise

This video has been reposted under a different account name.

Bravo to both members of this duo who have studied the buzzing and chopstick via Skype and ichat.

Wow! What impovement!

Congratulations! Catherine