Sunday, August 26, 2007

Video interview with Keith Underwood: Benefits of Buzzing for Flutists


I have just returned to North Carolina from the Keith Underwood Flute Masterclass at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, a week filled with tangible learning in an open, warm, and supportive atmosphere. Thanks to Nancy Laupheimer for organizing a great class, and thanks to my classmates for sharing their learning processes.

I am grateful for the information and inspirations I have received from Keith over the past 15 or so years, and I am delighted to share a video interview with Keith filmed on August 18, 2007 at Ghost Ranch.

I have posted the first installment of the video interview here.
All segments will eventually be posted at my website.

Catherine LeGrand interviews Keith Underwood
Ghost Ranch, NM, August 18. 2007:

• On Benefits of Buzzing for Flutists
• When will we hear improvement from buzzing?
• What if our lips get numb?
• Please provide a Buzzing 101: Syllabus…

Additional segments coming in September and October!

Catherine LeGrand interviews Keith Underwood
Ghost Ranch, NM, August 18. 2007 (continued):

• More Buzzing Exercises, Lip Vibrato, and Tuning
• Timing and Sequence of Events for a Breath
• Tongue-Controlled Embouchure and Support
• On Ideal Vibrato Speed
• On Creating an Open and Supportive Atmosphere

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Thank you, Keith, for answering my questions in this interview -- and throughout the years!

Sincere best wishes to my readers,


Lie said...

No comments on this video yet,

so I have to say something:

This stunning video completely changed my way of flute playing, because I know now, what to do for a far better embouchure.

Thanks, Keith!
Thanks, Catherine!


Anonymous said...

I'm a trumpeter/band director and have taken phone lessons with Jerome Callet. Spit buzzing works for all wind instruments. I have all my band students learn this and the results have been great.

Catherine said...

Thanks for your comment!

Wonderful to hear from a band director who teaches spit buzzing to all wind students. I would not suggest it for percussionists (tongue in cheek).

I have enjoyed terrific results as a clinician working with bands on various TCE approaches.

All the best!

Michel said...

Thank you very much for these Keith videos Catherine. I look forward to watching them all and exploring...

All the best to you :-).

Michel Gohler

Michel said...

Is Keith saying that the tongue should TOUCH the lips?

Catherine said...


Mary said...

I'm trying to buzz and am encouraged because for a moment I got a sound much like Keith's. I'll keep on and hope the spray that now covers my computer screen decreases with time! Thank you, Catherine.