Sunday, June 10, 2007

My New Website

I was prompted by the many questions I receive about my unconventional teaching techniques and exercises to create a website to efficiently share information and video examples with other flutists, wind and brass players, vocalists, and music educators.

The original idea for this website has morphed into a multifaceted site with a variety of free online resources on breathing, music performance and pedagogy, creativity, and flute-playing.

The site is also the new home for www.in1breath.com where BreathBuilders and Rebreathing bags can be purchased.

The website publicly introduces the LeGrand Virtual Studio which offers two services via the Internet: 1) LeGrand Virtual Studio Subscription with video and audio podcast lessons, interactive blog and other resources, and 2) live, interactive coaching sessions via the Internet.

The first lessons I taught via Internet were in 2002, and from the very beginning it was a useful way to keep in touch with former students living on the other side of the world. The tools required to use this interactive service have become more widely available and more affordable.

At the website, I also invite you to visit me in the Studio, Classroom, or Concert Hall. The Library hosts numerous free resources, including articles and video demonstrations on using the Breath Builder and Rebreathing Bag, other video and audio podcasts, and useful links.

For a little inspiration visit the Gallery, subscribe to the blog, or spend some time exploring the Playground featuring links to a variety of interactive artistic activities for “kids of all ages.”

Be sure to check out the Musical Infirmary where you can learn about some common physical, mental and musical ailments affecting performance and practice: their symptoms, causes, suggested cures and preventative prescriptions. All with a huge dose of humor!

I hope you find this website useful and FUN and will visit me often in my new virtual space!

Have fun exploring!

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