Thursday, December 20, 2007

Aralee Dorough, Principal Flutist of the Houston Symphony Speaks on Buzzing, Chopstick and Finding your Sound


The following video interview was recorded in the Houston studio of Aralee Dorough, Principal Flutist of the Houston Symphony, on September 22, 2007.
Aralee talks about:
  • benefits of practicing and teaching "buzzing" and "chopstick" (from Keith Underwood)
  • embouchure lessons she learned from Robert Willoughby --and from her horse!
  • finding and sculpting your tone
Many thanks to Aralee for sharing her experiences and her wisdom. You may visit her at her website, www.araleedorough.com.

Aralee, her husband, Colin (Houston Symphony oboist), and her father (famous jazz pianist,Bob Dorough), recently put out a CD, "The Houston Branch," with terrific Houston jazz sidemen. I enjoy this album often. You will find it here:

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