Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Honegger's Danse de la Chèvre: Errata (from John Wion)


This list of corrections is reprinted from John Wion's website.
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Honegger: Danse de la Chevre. There are two publications of this work, both "Editions Maurice Senart 1932" published by Salabert. However, with no indication whatsoever, the one is a corrected version of the other. A quick look at bar 7 will tell you which version you have. The corrected version is here marked T(emp)o Vif while the original has no such marking. JW
NEW - Jill Maurer Davis has a corrected copy from the time of her studies with René Le Roy to whom this piece is dedicated. Additional correctins in red below are from this source.
Major corrections:
M4: slur through tied E2
M5: slur through E2
M6: beat 3 is printed A# (from beat 2) in both editions. I have never heard anyone play A# . A natural sounds more correct to me. Geoffrey Gilbert claimed that A natural was correct. A natural is correct.
M7: Tempo Vif Marking is"plus rapide et lointain"
M8: Lent
M10: lines not dots
M12: accelerando
M14-16: There are discrepancies throughout the dance as to whether the downbeats have a line or a dot. Dots on downbeats.
M17- lines on beat 1 & 2.
M19- dot on downbeat
M27 & M29- dot on last F of slurred passage

M28: beat 2 F3 is natural (same as M29)
M35: Plus Lent
M36- lines on all notes on beat 3
M38: accel. to
M40: Vif
M46- rubato played on beat 3, first note slow, then fast & faster
leading to M47- Tempo vif

M48: Gilbert said E1 on beat 2 is Eb. E flat on beat 2 is correct.
M49: f
M53: en rallentissant
M54: Un peu plus lent - mf
M56: mp
M58- a tempo (vif)
M58: beat 1 p, beat 3 pp
M59: beat 2 p
M60: pp, beat 3 rit.
M62: p
M64: pp
M66: C2 is indicated as a harmonic (ie finger C1).

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