Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Great New Tuning App!

InTune iPhone app

InTune is an app from Wittenburg University that helps musicians play in tune by improving their ability to hear. It is set up as a simple game. You hear 2 pitches and you must decide whether the 2nd pitch is higher or lower than the first. Pitch variance becomes increasingly small as the game progresses. 

The app is an outgrowth of twenty-five years of research and testing by cellist and professor Daniel Kazez. In a university research study, Kazez discovered that students’ hearing improved the more often they played — at triple the rate of those who did not.

I had a student who improved his score this week from 14.9% to 2.39%. Huge improvement for one week!

I suggested to my students to warm up their ears before rehearsals by playing the game. Looking forward to hearing the results!

Check it out for yourself! 


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