Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Alexander Technique: Use In A Marching Band Setting

This excellent article by Lindsey Richelle Gore addresses the subject of correct use of the body providing physical relief for members of marching bands.

In my experiences as a clinician with marching bands, I have noticed other huge bonuses of correct use (or even improved use!):
  • Good body mapping results in economy of motion for more precise and better unified movements-It looks sharp!
  • Good body balance allows for better breathing and air efficiency, resulting in better tone and intonation
  • Morale of the ensemble quickly rises due to the noticeable improvement
I encourage band directors planning their Fall programs and shows to include Alexander training and reap the benefits.

Happy summer!


Anonymous said...

You're absolutely correct about the usefulness of the Alexander Technique If anyone want more info, check out their website at http://alexandertechnique.com

Catherine said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for adding this comment. I apologize for not including the link in the original post.

I am still getting used to the idea that folks might read blog this who don't know what Alexander Technique is or how it could help them.

I will use this opportunity to direct my readers to find out more about Alexander Technique and how to locate a teacher near them by visiting the website: http://alexandertechnique.com.