Thursday, July 12, 2007

Alexander Technique with Glenna Batson

On June 30, several studio members participated in an afternoon of individual Alexander Technique lessons with Glenna Batson, PT, MA.

Glenna is an internationally recognized teacher of the Alexander Technique (qualifying in 1988), and is in residence at the Department of Dramatic Arts at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. A graduate of Hahnemann Medical University in Physical Therapy, she received her doctorate in clinical neuroscience in 2006.

I am grateful we had this opportunity to receive her wise guidance, and, also, that I was invited by all concerned to observe and videotape these sessions. I look forward to future opportunities to learn from Glenna.

New Video posting: Glenna and Bruce J. allowed me to post video excerpts from Bruce's lesson, focused on improving his breathing, in the LeGrand Virtual Studio. (I apologize for the moments the camera was not on the tripod...)

I hope this info is helpful. Let me hear from you! Feel free to post your blog comments for others to read. We are a small and friendly community.

I had a lesson at my desk with Glenna, who is also an expert in treatment and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injuries, that day. I learned how to use my desk chair to provide constant feedback to keep my spine flexible during the long hours I now spend at the computer producing content for the LeGrand Virtual Studio, and, also, how to approach my computer mouse by leading with the outside of my fingers to reach the mouse without tightening my pectoralis muscles or raising my shoulder. I have lots of opportunity to practice these new ways of thinking. I am doing it right now!

Integrating lessons from the Alexander Technique into daily activities is a great way to improve your music making as you replace old habits of movement with ones that work better.

For more information on the Alexander Technique or to find a teacher in your area visit http://www.alexandertechnique.com/.

Life is a process.


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