Sunday, August 26, 2007

Video interview with Keith Underwood: Benefits of Buzzing for Flutists


I have just returned to North Carolina from the Keith Underwood Flute Masterclass at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, a week filled with tangible learning in an open, warm, and supportive atmosphere. Thanks to Nancy Laupheimer for organizing a great class, and thanks to my classmates for sharing their learning processes.

I am grateful for the information and inspirations I have received from Keith over the past 15 or so years, and I am delighted to share a video interview with Keith filmed on August 18, 2007 at Ghost Ranch.

I have posted the first installment of the video interview here. video
All segments will eventually be posted at my website.

Catherine LeGrand interviews Keith Underwood
Ghost Ranch, NM, August 18. 2007:

• On Benefits of Buzzing for Flutists
• When will we hear improvement from buzzing?
• What if our lips get numb?
• Please provide a Buzzing 101: Syllabus…

Additional segments coming in September and October!

Catherine LeGrand interviews Keith Underwood
Ghost Ranch, NM, August 18. 2007 (continued):

• More Buzzing Exercises, Lip Vibrato, and Tuning
• Timing and Sequence of Events for a Breath
• Tongue-Controlled Embouchure and Support
• On Ideal Vibrato Speed
• On Creating an Open and Supportive Atmosphere

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Thank you, Keith, for answering my questions in this interview -- and throughout the years!

Sincere best wishes to my readers,


Lie said...

No comments on this video yet,

so I have to say something:

This stunning video completely changed my way of flute playing, because I know now, what to do for a far better embouchure.

Thanks, Keith!
Thanks, Catherine!


Anonymous said...

I'm a trumpeter/band director and have taken phone lessons with Jerome Callet. Spit buzzing works for all wind instruments. I have all my band students learn this and the results have been great.

Catherine said...

Thanks for your comment!

Wonderful to hear from a band director who teaches spit buzzing to all wind students. I would not suggest it for percussionists (tongue in cheek).

I have enjoyed terrific results as a clinician working with bands on various TCE approaches.

All the best!

Michel said...

Thank you very much for these Keith videos Catherine. I look forward to watching them all and exploring...

All the best to you :-).

Michel Gohler

Michel said...

Is Keith saying that the tongue should TOUCH the lips?

Catherine said...


Mary said...

I'm trying to buzz and am encouraged because for a moment I got a sound much like Keith's. I'll keep on and hope the spray that now covers my computer screen decreases with time! Thank you, Catherine.