Monday, September 10, 2007

Breathing Coordination Website: Carl Stough

Breathing Coordination - Home Page

This page provides 4 photos from the animated video Carl Stough developed after years of research. This animated video which shows the function of the diaphragm and associated movement of the ribs is highly recommended by Keith Underwood.

I suggest having a look at this website while working with the Interview with Keith Underwood, Part 6: Timing and Sequence of Events for a Breath. The website will help you visualize how the sequence of the Breath looks on the inside!

Here is a quote from the website:
"The concept of Breathing CoordinationTM was the result of ten years of medical research started in 1958 by Carl Stough and elaborated by Reece Stough in 1964 for advanced researchers in the international respiratory field. Every physical and emotional problem, to some degree, is the result of an insufficiency of oxygen. The diaphragm works to achieve a maximum exhale. This is necessary in order to maintain a low residual volume of carbon dioxide in the lungs. The diaphragm, which is a primarily involuntary muscle-organ, is the foundation for the entire respiratory system. It affects the two other main systems of the body, the circulatory and nervous systems. The term Breathing Coordination is the name given to the exact way the respiratory system is designed to function at maximum efficiency with minimum effort."

Another page gives information on self-help for developing good breathing coordination and specific help for people with asthma.

I have been told the video was withdrawn from the website pending the settlement of Stough's estate, but this page gets the idea across. If you know someone with a copy of this video, I encourage you to have a look. I certainly hope this great tool eventually reappears on the internet!



Anonymous said...

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Terri Crosby said...

I clicked on this link, and I get an Error 404 Page not found. Is there some way to see this page? Thanks.

Catherine said...

Thanks for alerting me, but the links work fine now. Perhaps their server was down.