Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Chopstick Exercise": Practice "Bytes"


As promised, this is my version of Keith Underwood's "Chopstick Exercise" which helps flutists learn to better organize their embouchures by playing with a chopstick in their mouths.

Very weird exercise, with wonderful results!

I use the exercise as a "prelude" to teaching buzzing, especially for advanced flutists who are beginner buzzers.

In the video I demonstrate the exercise in short Practice "Bytes."
More Practice "Bytes" are posted in the LeGrand Virtual Studio.

Bon appetit!


Lie said...

Thanks Catherine!!!!
This is exactly what I have been waiting for!
... now I go to find these high quality chopsticks ...

Best greetings,

Catherine said...

Keep me posted on your results.

Lie said...

Just a short message ... as I found this video again today ;-)

This buzzing (and chopsticks) makes my fun in flute playing thousand times better than ever before.
Of course it does not make me a professional flute player, but now I undersstand, how those get their good results in tone.

Why, why did I find this sooo late?
WHY is this not a standard procedure in teaching worldwide?!?!?!

Why am I the only one commenting here? Flute learners, wake up!

Thanks again,

LieTzen said...

The "mathematics" links on your page made my day. Helen enjoyed with a friend. So pretty ...

Anonymous said...

Hey Catherine,

So, this sounds very interesting, but I am having a hell of time actually doing it!! I feel like I am missing something...my tongue doesn't want to sit behind my lower lip - I really have to push it down there, and then the chopstick keeps pushing forward out of my mouth when I want to play. Any ideas???

Catherine said...


Try moving your lower lip up and rolling it in slightly to keep the chopstick in your mouth. If you do that and also rest the sides of your upper lip on the chopstick, you will not push the chopstick out of your mouth.

It's not really about your tongue. It's about what you do with your lips.

If you still have difficulty after some trying, just start out putting your tongue "wherever" and play with the chopstick in your mouth. You will still be likely to achieve a nice result.

Let me know if this works for you.