Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Interview with Keith Underwood, Part 8


I have just returned from the Keith Underwood/Anne Waxman Workshop in Tannersville, NY. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from Keith, Anne (fabulous Alexander Technique teacher) and my fellow attendees. What a wonderful group of people and terrific flutists!

This is the ideal time to post Part 8 of the August 18, 2007 Ghost Ranch Interview:

On Creating an Open and Supportive Atmosphere

Next week I will post Part 9: On Ideal Vibrato Speed

For more information on the Alexander Technique and its benefits you may visit these sites:
I am grateful for the information and inspirations I have received from Keith over the past 15 or so years, and I am delighted to share this video interview with Keith filmed on August 18, 2007 at Ghost Ranch, NM.

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Thanks, Keith, for answering my questions, for this interview and throughout the years!



Anonymous said...

For those who are not familiar with the Alexander Technique, I've found their website very helpful: http://alexandertechnique.com

LieTzen said...

I am not really good in understanding spoken english, so I listened several times to this particular video. Fascinated.
I begin to understand what Keith says. It is so clear and true.
And I think:
This video is only 2:40.
And it contains so much infomation, that some others would write a book with 500 pages to cover that topic ;-)
Thanks, Keith!