Friday, September 30, 2011

Constructive Rest


On Sunday I participated in an Alexander Technique Workshop sponsored by the Raleigh Area Flute Association in North Carolina. The event was capably led by certified Alexander Technique teacher, Rachel Niketopoulos, and Alexander Technique trainee, flutist Pam Nelson.

I came away with a renewed commitment to "constructive rest," a dependable way to widen my shoulders, lengthen my spine, and deepen my breathing.

I now have a dedicated space for students to practice Constructive Rest before their lessons. I am looking forward to the heightened awareness and learning of my more relaxed and better balanced flute students! Thanks Rachel and Pam!

Here is a great blog article about Constructive Rest by musician and Alexander Technique teacher, Bill Plake.

Bill writes a blog for musicians, Bill Plake Music: Helping Musicians Improve and Stay Healthy. Check it out!

There is a video demonstrating Constructive Rest made by Michael Hanko, another certified Alexander Technique teacher.

To learn more about the Alexander Technique, please visit:

Time to rest now!

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