Friday, April 27, 2012

Early flute recordings on Robert Bigio's website


I am grateful to Robert Bigio for posting on his website early recordings from Christopher Steward's collection.

These recordings are truly inspiring-- a reminder of a time when tone and technique were synonymous--a time when and elegance and beauty reigned. I've bookmarked this page and enjoy listening to at least one recording before I practice each day.

While typing this post, I listened to a recent addition to the webpage: Simonetti: Madrigal. Heinz Breiden, flute; Siegfried Borries, violin; and Max Saal, harp. So lovely! The recording was made in 1937 0r 1938. Breiden was a flutist in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra from 1921 until his death.

Recent additions to this page include recordings by Frances Blaisdell and Gaston Crunelle. There is also a recording of Georges Barrère playing Alfredo d'Ambrosio's Canzonetta, Op. 6.  Such artistry...

Robert Bigio's website is a also great resource for historical information on flutes, flutists and flute-playing. Thanks, Robert!


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